Welcome to my poetry blog!

I am a twenty-four brown-eyed Aruban wanderer;
forever questioning where I'm going
and where I've been.
And when I'm not reading,
I'm writing. When I'm not writing, I'm reading.

Furthermore, writing has always been my
way of captivating a deep thought, grief,
lost love, depression and even hatred (sometimes).

Feel free to read and comment on my weird,
puzzling, obsessive, reckless and sometimes
confusing poems. It's all about what you
interpret from them that gets me buzzin'!

Thank you and have fun reading y'all.

-Lily Clarisa

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The world is hurting

The world is hurting
If the world was alone,
Would it have the moon to loan?
Would it , could it be crying of the burn?
Could we, would we ever learn?
It aches.
Its lakes, flakes;
its loneliness,
it showed its frailness. 
Let them know!
It would show.
Global warming,
the world is mourning.
Hurricanes, streams-
Children’s screams!
The world is hurting,
while we were destroying, ‘’the world is ours’’ we were once blurting.

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