Welcome to my poetry blog!

I am a twenty-four brown-eyed Aruban wanderer;
forever questioning where I'm going
and where I've been.
And when I'm not reading,
I'm writing. When I'm not writing, I'm reading.

Furthermore, writing has always been my
way of captivating a deep thought, grief,
lost love, depression and even hatred (sometimes).

Feel free to read and comment on my weird,
puzzling, obsessive, reckless and sometimes
confusing poems. It's all about what you
interpret from them that gets me buzzin'!

Thank you and have fun reading y'all.

-Lily Clarisa

Tuesday, July 16, 2013



Put a smile on your face,
great with grace.
Carry the past in your eyes.

I walk in and see your hollow soul;
but all I can think is, simply
put a smile on your face.

Your ebony skin gleams dark history;
but you know what, just
great with grace.

Honestly, it all means nothing to me.
Be kind and pass it forward, only
carry the past in your eyes.
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